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Around 7 p.m. a unique menu is offered to you, it depends solely on the inspiration of the babysitter… If you're tempted by the fondue, just let the hut know when booking or the morning of your arrival.

A well-stocked breakfast is laid out on one of the tables in the refectory as soon as the first hikers get up. It is made up of sandwiches, bread, butter jam, cereals, coffee, chocolate, tea, orange juice...


A simple and pleasant menu is offered to the brave walkers on which you will be suggested in particular: Valaisan plates, fondues, polentas, cheese or mushroom crusts, omelettes, basil spaghetti... And, if there are any left: a delicious slice of tart with apples!

The babysitter is able to provide you with sandwiches, cereal bars and fruit to complete your picnic.



There is a "cabin code" which deals with waste management, the value of water, the problem of electricity, means of supply... respect  and sharing.  For one evening we will share a table, a dormitory, a passion for the mountains, an adventure of the day and maybe even our bottle of wine, but at 10 p.m. calm will resume and when the lights go out , already your dreams will fly away on future mysterious paths…



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