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A night in the cabin

At around 7pm a unique menu is proposed, which depends solely on the inspiration of the Guardian of the Cabin.
If a fondue tempts you, just notify the hut when making your booking or on the morning of your arrival.
A well-stocked breakfast is set up on one of the tables in the dining room, as soon as the first hikers wake up. It is composed of  bread, butter, jam, cereal, coffee, chocolate, tea, and orange juice.
A simple and pleasing menu is proposed to the brave walkers, with suggestions such as: Valaisan dishes, fondue, polenta, cheese crusts, omelette, spaghetti with basil ... And (if there is any left) a delicious piece of apple pie !
The Guardian of the Cabin is able to provide sandwiches, cereal bars and fruit to complete your picnic.


T here is a “Code of the Huts" that deals with waste management, water saving, usage of electricity, resources and supplies. The code calls for: Respect and Sharing. For one evening we will share a table, a dormitory, a passion for the mountains, the adventures of the day and maybe even a bottle of wine, but at 10pm peace and quiet will regain it's influence and, as the fire goes out, you will already be drifting off into your dreams, on those mysterious trails.


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