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sentier de louvie
check in
un kilomètre à pied...
le lac depuis la terrasse

All roads lead to  Louvie!

The famous hike that connects Chamonix - Zermatt passes by the Louvie cabin.


For a day or 2-day hike:

Leave your vehicle at Le Châble station then take  the cable car to Les Ruinettes or La Chaux above Verbier. As soon as you exit the cable car, follow the small yellow signs "cabane de Louvie" You will take  then the famous Sentier des Chamois for a 4h30 walk (45 min more from Les Ruinettes). The trail goes through the Col Termin 2648m above sea level.

After a stop at the hut for a night or an hour, it's off again for 1h30 of descent to Fionnay. The postal bus will take you back to Le Châble station. (bus and train timetables here)

The upper Val de Bagnes has  multiple trails the course  described is the most classic but it can easily be extended via the Col du Bec d'Aigle, or the Col du Sarshlau...


Departure from Fionnay:

Fionnay is located at the bottom of the Val de Bagnes, 20 minutes by road from Le Châble. The start of the Louvie trail is opposite the car park, on the left, when arriving at Fionnay. Count about 2 hours of walking and 800 m of elevation  to reach one of the cabana's lounge chairs.




Maps and routes on Suissemobile here





international trail  AlpTrekking




Trail No 6 Alpine Pass Trail


Tower of the Great  dams.



A paradise for fly fishers, Lake Louvie is open to fishing from the first Sunday in June until the last Sunday in November. The cantonal or daily permit is essential. Day permits are available at the hut for 30 chf per day or 50 chf for 2 days. Attention fishing is controlled and regulated.


The second largest Swiss nature reserve, the Haut Val de Bagnes has been a protected area since 1968. It is home to exceptional flora and many animals. Ibex, chamois and marmots are never far away!

Fauna and flora have priority over 150 km2 so we must respect  some rules for the well-being of nature like keeping your dog on a leash and  the ban on camping in the reserve. To pitch your tent in the region, you will find the Bonachiesse campsite.


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